How To Bond With Your Bearded Dragon

How To Bond With Your Bearded Dragon? Bearded dragons are one of the most exotic species found in Australia, with their bodies made up of reptilian armor and heads containing “dragon scales” which make them …

How To Bond With Your Bearded Dragon

How To Bond With Your Bearded Dragon? Bearded dragons are one of the most exotic species found in Australia, with their bodies made up of reptilian armor and heads containing “dragon scales” which make them appear puffed when threatened. They’ve been beloved household pets for years now because people can bond quickly to these animals due to just how much they smell like cats or dogs but there’s still time before this becomes an issue so take heart.

How To Bond With Your Bearded Dragon

To create a close relationship with your bearded dragon, there are certain things that you can do. These steps should help get the job done.

To bond with your bearded dragon, you must create a good, gentle, safe, and enjoyable link between you and your smell. Handling, washing, feeding, relaxing, playing, and spending time with your pet are all examples of these activities.

How To Bond With Your Bearded Dragon: 6 Ways To Make Your Bearded Dragon Feel More At Home

  1. Interaction

Bearded dragons are social, curious creatures that enjoy being handled and cuddled. They may not trust you at first but with time they will come around! Make sure to handle your dragon safely so it can become comfortable enough for the two of you’ll on a road trip or just playing together without worries about breakage- I’m talking scars here people.

And if you’re not sure how to pick up a bearded dragon, we’ve developed a guide to assist you.

If you don’t have time to read the entire guide, here’s a quick summary.

  • From in front of the reptile’s face, slowly bring your hand closer
  • Take the bearded dragon out from under its belly and scoop it up.
  • Support the lizard’s entire body, including its limbs and tail
  • Support and hold the beardy in place with one or two hands as needed
  • Before removing your hand from it, ensure it’s in contact with the ground.

Important Note: On the top of their heads, bearded dragons have something resembling a “third eye.”

This eye is capable of detecting changes in light intensities.

This is to keep you safe if a predator approaches from behind or soars overhead.

If you take it from behind, the beardy may become agitated and believe you are a predator.

  1. It Should Be Bathed

Baths are a favorite pastime of bearded dragons.

It benefits their skin, removes bacteria, and keeps them moisturized.

It’s also a fantastic method to strengthen your bond with your bearded dragon.

Associating your fragrance with pleasurable events like bathing increases your pet’s affection for you.

Basic procedures are outlined here:

  • Fill the tub with warm water up to your beardy’s shoulder height
  • Put him in slowly and allow him to adapt to the water
  • Pour water softly on his back, splash his tummy, and brush him lightly as needed to clean him.
  • Spend time with him and play in the water to encourage him to drink more water.
  • Remove your beardie from the cage, pat him dry with a towel, then place him in the enclosure to bask.
  • After you’ve finished, clean up the tub.

Take Note: Bearded dragons should avoid getting their eyes wet or drinking a lot of water.

If the water level is too high, then this could potentially damage your beardie.

  1. Hand-feeding It

When you feed these reptiles (bearded dragons), it’s essential to let the animal eat as much of its mealtime in 10-15 minutes.

This is also a great chance for bonding! To build associations with food (yay!) and owner alike – hand feeds them by all means necessary; especially on vegetation dishes like leaves or branches from trees outside where they can explore safely while getting their nutritional needs met without risk tiring themselves out too quickly chasing down prey just yet  No need sacrificing time if we have access inside instead where there are plenty more.

With the right technique, feeding live insects by hand are easy and can be done quickly. You don’t have to worry about them squirming or jumping out of your reach either, most will stay still while you feed them. If one does bite at you though. Well, let’s just say I’ve had worse injuries from roaches as opposed to human teeth so it shouldn’t keep me down for long.

Take Note: Keep your fingers away from the bearded dragon’s mouth! They are known for being able to bite, but it won’t hurt you.

  1. Your Bearded Dragon Must Calm Down

Give your bearded dragon time to calm down. When they’re more relaxed, engage in play or bonding rituals such as feeding them appropriately sized insects that you’ve been saving for some sweet treats.

When calming your bearded dragon, it’s now associating you with all the good things in its environment.

  1. Investigate And Play

Find a safe place to take your dragon, then let it explore different areas. Keep an eye on its behavior – if you notice any signs that it might be getting overwhelmed or excited without enough stimulation (elevated heart rate), stop whatever activity is going on and try again later with more toys.

Over time, your audience will notice that their beardie is happiest when it’s with you. The fishy scent and feel of an interaction between the two of you create a sense of safety – which in turn makes them want to explore more.

  1. Be Patient And Present

Incorporating new behaviors into your bearded dragon’s daily routine is a great way to create positive associations with you and encourage bonding.

Planning fun activities together will help both of you feel more connected while doing things like feeding them treats or letting them sit on command can be instrumental in teaching him to trust in humans.


Bearded dragons are great pets for people of all ages. They are relatively low-maintenance and can provide hours of enjoyment and companionship. If you take the time to bond with your bearded dragon, you will be rewarded with a loyal and loving friend. There are many different ways to bond with your bearded dragon. Try out a few of the methods described above and see which ones work best for you and your pet. With a little patience and effort, you will surely develop a strong bond with your bearded dragon.

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