Why Did My Bearded Dragon Throw Up? 

Why did my bearded dragon throw up? If your bearded dragon has thrown up, you’re likely wondering why. There can be many reasons why a bearded dragon might vomit, some of which are relatively minor …

How To Force-Feed A Bearded Dragon

Why did my bearded dragon throw up? If your bearded dragon has thrown up, you’re likely wondering why. There can be many reasons why a bearded dragon might vomit, some of which are relatively minor and easily treated.

Why Did My Beardie Throw Up?

why did my bearded dragon throw up

Why Bearded Dragon’s Immune System React To Undigested Food?

Seeing your beloved pet vomiting is pretty alarming. But don’t worry, in most cases, it’s nothing serious and can be easily resolved. Here are a few possible reasons:

1) If your beardie has just eaten, it’s possible that your breaded dragon threw up because they ate too fast. Bearded dragons are known to gulp their food down without chewing, which can sometimes lead to them throwing up. If this is the case, try to slow down your dragon’s eating habits by offering smaller meals more often throughout the week day.

2) Another common reason for beardies throwing up is due to stress. Bearded dragons are very sensitive creatures and can get stressed easily. If your dragon is stressed, it can lead to them throwing up and/or losing their appetite. To help reduce stress, make sure the humidity levels of their habitat are set up correctly, provide hiding places, and handle them gently. Try planting plants that reduce humidity levels such as Boston fern because high humidity levels will prevent your hatchling baby bearded dragons immune systems from dropping.

3) Another possibility is that your bearded dragon ate something they shouldn’t have. Adult bearded dragons are curious creatures and will sometimes nibble on things they find in their habitat, even if those things are harmful to them. If you think your dragon may have eaten something it shouldn’t have, take them to the vet right away.

4)The most common cause of bearded dragons throwing up is improper diet. Adult bearded dragons require a diet that is high in protein and low in fat, and they should also be given a variety of different foods to prevent boredom. Some common food items include crickets, mealworms, Dubai roaches, and zucchini. It’s important to dust all food items with a calcium supplement to ensure that your bearded dragon gets enough of this essential nutrient.

5) Bearded dragons can throw up due to a variety of health problems. If your bearded dragon threw up or has other symptoms like diarrhea, lethargy, or loss of appetite, it’s best to take them to the vet for an examination. Juvenile bearded dragons may vomit if the bearded dragon’s intestinal tract becomes infected. A juvenile bearded dragon has a weak immune system than adult dragons.

6) Another common cause of a bearded dragon throwing up is impaction from ingesting foreign objects. Bearded dragons are generally curious creatures and will often try to eat anything they can get their mouths on, including gravel from their water dish. To prevent this, it’s important to choose clean food and water bowls that are suitable for your bearded dragon. You should also avoid using sand or other small particles as substrate, as these can easily be ingested by your pet. 

Does The Amount Of Light Gotten Affect A Bearded Dragon Throwing Up?

why did my bearded dragon throw up

Basking lizards on a hot rock or basking under a heat lamp can help many bearded dragons regulate their body temperature. If the basking spot is too cool, they may become sluggish and have trouble digesting their food properly.

How Can UVB Light Affect A Healthy Bearded Dragon?

UVB light helps bearded dragons metabolize calcium and produce vitamin D3, both of which are essential for their health. Without enough basking and UVB light, most bearded dragons can develop the metabolic bone disease, which can lead to swollen bones and deformities. Be careful as overexposure to basking and the light can cause vomiting due to dehydration and heat stress, however, if you think that your adult bearded dragon is basking properly and has access to plenty of UVB light, chances are good that the vomiting is due to something else in the bearded dragon’s stomach.

Other Reasons A Bearded Dragon Is Throwing Up?

Adult bearded dragons may also vomit as a result of the following: gastroenteritis, impaction from loose substrates, other parasites, a liquid the bearded dragon drank, or stress are all possible causes of vomiting in bearded dragons. If your dragon continues to vomit or appears to be in distress, consult a reptile veterinarian for further diagnosis and treatment. 

Is It Common For Baby Bearded Dragons To Throw Up?

It’s not uncommon for a baby bearded dragon to throw up. Possible causes include feeding them food that’s too large, feeding them too often or too much food, or feeding them food that’s not properly gut-loaded. In addition, baby bearded dragons are more prone to Respiratory Infections than adult dragons. If your baby dragon is throwing up, you should take them to see a qualified reptile veterinarian as soon as possible. With proper care, your baby dragon will soon be back to its old self. If your baby beardie doesn’t like baths, then you can just mist them instead. You can do so by spraying them with any spray bottle that has a mist setting. Always mist them outside the cage to make sure you don’t raise the humidity levels too much. Be sure to make use of fresh water. Hatchling bearded dragons can eat pinhead sized crickets until up 1 month of age.

Do I Need To Clean My Bearded Dragon Cage Or Bearded Dragon’s Tank?

why did my bearded dragon throw up

Bearded dragons are lizards that are native to Australia. They get their name from the spines that protrude from their neck and back, which resemble a beard. These lizards are popular pets because of their docile nature and attractive appearance. However, keeping a bearded dragon as a pet requires some special care. One important aspect of care is maintaining a clean cage. A dirty cage can lead to health problems and a sick bearded dragon, including respiratory infections and digestive issues.

Is My Bearded Dragon Throwing Up A Sign To Clean The Cage?

One common sign that your bearded dragon’s cage needs to be cleaned is throwing up. If you see your lizard throw up, it’s important to check the bearded dragon’s cage for signs of dirt or debris. In addition, be sure to check the food and water dish to make sure they are clean. A dirty bearded dragon’s cage can make your affect your bearded dragon’s health and attack the bearded dragon’s immune system, so it’s important to clean it regularly.

How To Clean Up A Bearded Dragon’s Cage?

Luckily, cleaning a bearded dragon’s cage is not difficult. Simply remove all the furniture and accessories from the bearded dragon’s cage and wash them with warm water and mild soap. Then, scrub the inside of the bearded dragon’s cage with a stiff brush. Once you’ve finished cleaning, be sure to dry the bearded dragon’s cage completely before adding any new furniture or accessories. Bearded dragon owners should clean bearded dragon cages regularly.


By understanding the potential causes of vomiting, you can help your bearded dragon feel better by giving it a warm bath, providing clean water bowls, and watching what you feed the dragon’s stomach to avoid future episodes.

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