Why Does My Bearded Dragon Close One Eye?

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Close One Eye? One of the first things you should do after getting a bearded dragon is to study its behavior for a while. You may notice that it closes …

Why does my bearded dragons close one eye?

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Close One Eye? One of the first things you should do after getting a bearded dragon is to study its behavior for a while. You may notice that it closes one eye frequently, so naturally, this will interest or concern you depending on what other symptoms are present in your pet’s health history – but don’t worry! There isn’t anything wrong with either temple; they just have different habits when sleeping (as opposed to remaining open).

Why does my bearded dragons close one eye?

In most circumstances, it’s nothing to be concerned about. However, there must be a deeper health issue underlying this conduct, which could be mild or severe.

Before you take your reptile to the vet, learn why your dragon would first open one eye and then close the other.

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Close One Eye?

Bearded dragons might do it for a variety of causes, including dehydration, low or high humidity or insufficient or improper lighting, stress, shedding difficulties, viral infection, body temperature drops, parasites or mites, or eye damage.

So, being a pet owner, how else are you going to figure out which of them is generating this behavior, or whether it’s even something to be concerned about? We’ll talk about why these things happen and what causes them.

Bearded dragons tend not only affected by their surroundings but also how they’re feeling at any given moment. If you notice your pet is acting differently than usual or has closed one eye without anything serious going on with them then it might just be a sign that something’s bothering him/her.

So, let’s look at some of the possible causes for your bearded dragon’s unusual behavior, such as closing one eye while the other remains open.

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Close One Eye? Possible Reasons

Reaction To Stimuli

Bearded dragons are typically quite sensitive to changes in stimuli that make them feel uneasy. However, as previously said, certain reasons are insignificant and not to be concerned about, and stimuli are one of them.

The way in which beardies close one eye frequently to focus on an object allows them a better look. This pet usually does this when hunting for prey, but some scholars believe that it also happens while doing other things such as sleeping.

The farther away from the food and natural defense, your beardie is, the less it tastes and prefers to focus its attention on other things like visualizing what’s being offered.


You may notice your bearded dragon is closing one eye when it gets dehydrated. They also tend to leave one open so you can see what they’re doing, which is another clue that this reptile needs to drink water.

Because there are fewer fluids in the bearded dragon’s eyes, the normal behavior of a dehydrated beardie will have sunken eyes and feel drowsy.   suspect dehydration 

Pinch the skin if you think you’re dehydrated. If the skin bounces back quickly, it’s hydrated; if it takes longer, it’s dehydrated.

Dehydration is a serious condition that can lead to death.

Difficulty Shedding

Bearded dragons in their natural habitat are known to experience some degree of shedding every year, but if your pet has been going through a particularly difficult time and one or both eyes is closed during sheds then take the time soon after the injury to carefully examine that eye for any leftover skin attached.

If you notice that your bearded dragon’s shed is causing problems for him, just lend them a hand by using one of these soaking a soft cotton pad in warm water in a deep bowl. To avoid harm, gently rub the cotton pad away from your bearded dragon’s eyes. Be careful not to scratch or Trail anything with a sharp edge into their enclosure, as it can cause injury and even blindness.

Look around the circumference of the eye to determine whether there is any stuck shed. Place the pad on the affected eye when it has been properly saturated and warmed up.

Due To Parasites

Your loved one may have an infestation of mites or other parasites, especially if they spend time outdoors.

Bearded dragon’s eyes are prone to mites and ticks. These tiny organisms will cause an affected area of skin on the face or neck near where they bite in food sources like crickets to live, if these bugs stay put it can lead Bearded Dragons to act unusual by closing one eye until all treatment has been completed (owners should always apply chemicals with completely sterile tools).

Injury To The Eye

If your bearded dragon has an injury, you must take them to the vet as soon as possible. They can injure their cornea with a foreign object and not know about this until later on when there’s severe pain in both eyes or just one bad enough that they keep themselves closed from view.

To help treat any infection in their eyes, you can purchase reptile drops from your local pet store. Tap water is not recommended for rinsing bearded dragons because it’s not entirely sterile and could cause further problems with the internals of these animals.

Humidity / Lighting Issues

If you observe your bearded dragon closing one or both eyes frequently during the day, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the natural sunlight.

Spray Mist humidity and proper artificial lighting or tube light are crucial for healthy dragons; those who remain shut down can use this time wisely while waiting out durations between basking sessions.

The key to a healthy bearded dragon is humidity level. There are two Humidity levels which are high and low humidity that can disrupt their thermoregulation, and even induce disease! It’s critical that you supply enough moisture in the bearded dragon’s enclosure to keep them from becoming moldy, but not too much since this can stress them out.

Just keep in mind that too much humidity might also be a problem. This is also why you should measure humidity readings throughout the day when the cage is warmer.


Beardies are cold-blooded creatures that need to maintain a certain body temperature. They can’t control or tune their correct body temperature, so they rely on heat from the sun for this purpose.

Just like we do, the reptiles enjoy a morning session of basking in order to regulate their body temperature. In fact, you can find them out during warmer days when it’s hottest and they will stay under an umbrella frictional shade from 10:00 am until 2 pm EST.

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