Where can I sell my bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons are very popular as pets, and many people consider them to be excellent companions. Bearded dragons make adorable pets since they are pleasant and laid-back in their way. With the youngsters, they can …

sell my bearded dragon

Bearded dragons are very popular as pets, and many people consider them to be excellent companions. Bearded dragons make adorable pets since they are pleasant and laid-back in their way. With the youngsters, they can be best buddies. 

If you’ve loved its company and want to sell the bearded dragon babies so that others can enjoy them as well, you might consider selling your beardie. Regardless of the cause, please ensure that your bearded dragon is given away properly. This will keep it out of the hands of the wrong people, or even death. 

Selling your bearded dragon is a decision that should be made thoughtfully. Based on our extensive investigation and documentation, we have compiled an easy-to-understand guide on selling your bearded dragon. Let’s dive in!

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Can you sell a bearded dragon?

Yeah, you certainly can! It is rather prudent and courageous to give away your dragon when you are no longer able to care for it. Certain owners grow disinterested in their dragon. Then they abandon it, rather than choose to offer it a better life. 

Bear in mind that selling Bearded Dragons requires a seller’s license at the very least. This is because all sales of merchandise, regardless of the category, are taxable. In the majority of the world, it is legal to own a bearded dragon and many people see it as a pet. 

However, it is illegal to own, purchase, or sell a bearded dragon in the state of Hawaii. Infringing on this law can result in fines of up to $200,000 as well as imprisonment. You, on the other hand, are free to surrender your bearded dragon to the authorities without risk of being prosecuted. 

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5 of the best places to sell your bearded dragon

There are many places where you may sell a bearded dragon, but you should opt for one that is reliable. Some take a cut of your profit or charge a fee if you sell through them.

This section examines the many options available as well as any potential dangers to avoid while working with specific groups.

Selling to pet stores

Pet stores are retail establishments that offer various species of animals to the general public. Additionally, they sell pet food, medication, animal supplies, and accessories, among other things. The advantage of this approach is that pet stores pay faster than other customers due to their consistent supply of buyers. 

However, you will need to agree to a discount on the sale price, as they must benefit from the sale as well. If you want to increase your profit, you can breed a lot of bearded dragons and sell them to pet retailers. It’s worth the effort, even though it involves a lot of knowledge and resources.


Advertise your bearded dragon for sale on Craigslist or a similar service. Craigslist has a massive user base, which increases your chances of reaching a broader audience if you use this site. They cannot, however, control users who misuse the system due to the site’s massive amount of postings. Avoid being a victim of fraud by exchanging cash or cheques in person, rather than over mail or electronic service. 

Always meet in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant or police station if you’re afraid of meeting someone in person. If you’re selling anything, including pets, you’re encouraged to do it at a police station. Craigslist posting is free, although there may be costs in some places. Also worth noting is that if you pay an ad cost, your message will appear higher in the feeds for purchasers.

Online sale

It’s possible to sell your pet on a variety of websites. These platforms come in a variety of formats. Some platforms allow you to sell without committing to a long-term relationship. Pets and reptiles are the primary target market for these advertisements. Others can be categorized. 

The most prominent social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow you to propose and close the purchase directly with the buyer. You may be charged a price for using the services of a specialized website. It’s possible that reaching a larger audience will cost you extra money.

Additionally, social media networks and forums are excellent alternatives to specific websites. The posting of a sales offer is normally free of charge. This solution comes with a few limitations. You should avoid exchanging cash or cheques in person. You should meet in a public place like a restaurant or supermarket parking lot if you need to deliver the bearded dragon.

Selling to a breeder 

When it comes to selling your bearded dragon, breeders are an excellent option to explore. 

Asking your veterinarian for referrals is a surefire approach to locating reputable breeders in your region. 

You can locate trustworthy breeders by attending local expos and joining reptile enthusiast clubs. If you plan to sell more than a few bearded dragons, the expo will allow you to meet customers with competitive offers.

The owners of local reptile businesses could also be a good source of information for you. Breeders provide them with the reptiles they need. That means they may know of a breeder or two who might be interested in purchasing a pet from you.

The more grown your bearded dragon is, the more probable it will be sold to a breeder. If a breeder isn’t interested in your offer, he or she may be able to connect you with another breeder who is.

Post on forums

There is a plethora of pet, reptile, and bearded dragon forums to be found on the internet. Free listings for your pets are available in most of these communities. The drawback to using one of these is the lack of oversight these sites have.

You may run into someone immediately away, but you never know who it is. Therefore, limit the amount of personal information you give out, meet in a public place, and use cash or check for payment to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.

Tips on selling a bearded dragon

As frightening as it may sound, some people may pretend to be bearded dragon rescuers. Rather than that, they may be purchasing bearded dragons on the cheap or even for free. They then breed them and resell them and their offspring.

Therefore, before giving up your bearded dragon, verify that the individual or rescue facility is who they claim to be. You can Google their phone numbers, as well as check to see whether they have a website and physical address (for shelters). This will open their profile or if they are a breeder/reseller, their breeders/resellers page.

You must give your bearded dragon away to someone who can properly care for it and is at least slightly competent and responsible. 

Whatever choice you select, make sure it safeguards your bearded dragon’s happiness and provides it with a meaningful life. If it helps, donating it to a wildlife conservation center or an animal rescue organization may be the best course of action! 


Can I sell my bearded dragon on Facebook?

Facebook no longer allows you to sell pets, therefore refrain from doing so. Spread the word about your beardie’s sale on Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social media platform that allows it. You may include it in the classified section of the newspaper under “pets for sale or even with posters. 

How do you sell bearded dragons to Petsmart?

Check PetSmart’s instructions for other expenses you’ll need to include in your pet’s price to earn a profit. Evaluate PetSmart’s suitability for your pet. If PetSmart already has a similar dragon, getting yours picked up will be challenging. Visit your local PetSmart to check what products they carry and ask the manager whether your product will sell well there. 
Decide who will sell your beardie to PetSmart: you or a representative. Fill out the PetSmart paperwork. Before submitting the required documentation to PetSmart, you should contact a buyer and explain your intentions. If you want to sell at PetSmart, make sure to adequately research the market, plan for increased production, and utilize all available resources. 

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