coconut oil on bearded dragons

Can You Use Coconut Oil On Bearded Dragons?

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bearded dragon paralysed


Can a Bearded Dragon Become Paralysed?

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Bearded Dragon To Turn Grey

Behavior, Health

What To Do If My Bearded Dragon Turns Grey?

Some bearded dragon owners may experience their beardie turning grey. This can be a concerning change in colour, but it is not always indicative of a health problem.  In this article, we will explore some … Read more

Can you use baby wipes on bearded dragons


Can you use baby wipes on bearded dragons?

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Do bearded dragons need injections?

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essential oils


Can You Use Essential Oils On Bearded Dragons?

Let’s start with the term essential. The word ‘essential’ does not mean ‘needed’ or required when used in the phrase ‘essential oils.’ The term “essential” in “essential oils” derives from the word “essence,” which means: … Read more

Bearded Dragon Coughing


Bearded Dragon Coughing: What You Need To Know

It’s usual for a bearded dragon to “cough” every now and again. Perhaps this is your first time as a bearded dragon owner, and you’re concerned that your dragon is unwell. In this blog article, … Read more

bearded dragon sunken eyes


Bearded Dragon Sunken Eyes: Causes & Treatment

Bearded dragons appear to be resilient to diseases. However, reality speaks the other. They’ll easily get sick if not properly cared for! Their eyes square measure a decent gauge on however they are doing. A … Read more