How to mist a bearded dragon

Are you wondering how to mist a bearded dragon? You will discover that misting bearded dragons have advantages and can assist you to keep your pet properly hydrated as you read on.  Do You Think …

Are you wondering how to mist a bearded dragon? You will discover that misting bearded dragons have advantages and can assist you to keep your pet properly hydrated as you read on. 

Do You Think That Bearded Dragons Require Misting?

If you’re a new reptile owner, you might be perplexed by references to “misting” bearded dragon. It isn’t difficult, though. You might ask how much water is good for regularly misting? there’s no right or wrong answer.

To encourage drinking, mist your bearded dragon or lizard’s head with water drops. Misting along the side indicates spritzing the food of your bearded dragon.

Do you think that bearded dragons require to be sprayed, and why? Let’s take a look at three of the most popular facts for misting bearded lizards.

How to Mist a Bearded Dragon: Required Equipment

1. Spray Bottle to Keep Your Bearded Dragons Hydrated

Bearded dragon

A bearded dragon

Did you observe your bearded dragon drinking inside a water bowl? It’s not unusual if you haven’t seen a dehydrated dragon doing that. Unlike cats and dogs, reptiles are unable to see a bowl as a source of water.

Consider it for a moment. Because bearded dragons arrive from an arid environment, where water puddles aren’t common, they have to find their own food. There’s no one nearby to offer them bowls of fresh water.  

Bearded dragons, unlike another bearded dragons that can sweat through their tongues, obtain moisture in the wild by licking raindrops off of plants, eating food high in water content, or sipping rainwater that runs down their bodies. 

Bearded dragons, like other reptiles, are susceptible to dehydration when kept in captivity. Because stagnant water isn’t as appealing to them as movement, they ignore the bowl.

Misting or spraying your bearded dragon’s body simulates rainwater. The majority of bearded dragons are drawn to those falling water droplets, and they begin licking the droplets.

However, if your bearded dragon laps the water droplets that fall down its head, misting will be beneficial. Despite popular belief, they are unable to absorb moisture through their skin.

2. Shedding Process

The skin of the bearded lizard is made up of scales called keratinized. These scales don’t have the flexibility to stretch as the dragon matures. Thus little bearded dragons shed so frequently; they’re unable to expand due to their flexibility and won’t keep their new shape after a while.

Unfortunately, poor hydration, poor nutrition, or lower humidity levels inside can cause shedding to go wrong at times.

Misting your lizard to shed skin is a smart idea. Misting helps to raise the humidity level and soften stuck scales by adding moisture to the tank.

3. Humidity

Bearded dragon

Dehydrated bearded dragon

Because bearded dragons originate from a dry climate, they are accustomed to low to moderate humidity levels. In general, experts advocate maintaining a humidity level of 30 to 40 percent. 

However, if the humidity is too low, your bearded dragon’s femoral pores can be blocked, kidney problems can arise, and urinary tract infections may develop.

Fortunately, one of the simplest methods to reduce humidity is to spray the tank. When water evaporates, moisture levels in the air rise.

You should moisten the air with a gentle spray to keep your pet’s humidity optimum when it is too dry.

However, you must be cautious not to spray your dragon and its habitat too frequently. High humidity levels promote respiratory problems, and bacterial and fungal infections.

Is It Necessary to Mist Bearded Dragons?

When it comes to misting bearded dragons, you’ll hear a variety of strong viewpoints.

“As it is now, my bearded dragon’s water dish sits right above the entrance to his cage. The place that I put him in can get quite damp if he drinks a lot of water so I’m thinking about getting an indoor pond or something.” Another owner claims, “It doesn’t aid fluid intake and may

There are no right or wrong answers. It all depends on the overall health of your bearded dragon. So, don’t be alarmed if you’ve never misted your bearded dragon before.

bearded dragon eating spring mix

Misting isn’t always needed if your pet drinks water, eats a healthy diet, and gets regular baths. You may keep an eye on for signs of dehydration and start misting when there is an issue.

Misting can help your bearded dragon maintain hydration if they ignore the water bowl in their enclosure and despise bathing.

It also keeps the skin soft. Misting is useful for dragons with shedding difficulties, and it helps to prevent skin irritation.

7 Easy Steps to Misting Bearded Dragon.

You may now use a misting system to keep your bearded dragon hydrated, speed up the shedding process, and increase the humidity in its tank.

How do you mist a bearded dragon, though? It’s not as difficult as it appears if you take the following measures. 

1. Bring a Bottle to Spray

How to mist a bearded dragon with a spray bottle

A spray bottle

You don’t need any tools to mist your bearded lizard. A normal spray bottle will suffice so far that it produces a fine mist.

However, avoid using spray bottles or misting bottles that have chemicals or toxins. It’s possible to kill your lizard by accident.

You may get a spray bottle designed for reptiles from any pet shop if you don’t have one at home. 

2. Pour Water into the Bottle

Use room-temperature water to mist your bearded lizard. It will shock your pet’s system and jeopardize their thermoregulation by using cold water. 

Warm water should be used to fill the bottle. Aim for a temperature of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the same as that of a baby’s bath. 

For the greatest effects, use bottled water since it is free of any potential chemicals and poisons that may irritate your lizard’s skin.

3. Increase or Decrease the Spray Depending Upon Your Preference.

Before you begin spraying your bearded dragon, assess the strength of the solution. You can also use water bowls.

Remember that you’ll require a very fine mist to create the right water droplets on your bearded dragon’s head. Because your lizard will breathe in the water, it can harm its lungs.

4. When Is the Best Time to Keep the Bdragon Hydrated?

If you’re misting your bearded dragons in order to hydrate them and alleviate shedding issues, you’ll have to choose the correct time. A dehydrated bearded dragon faces a lot of issues.

Don’t expose your pet dragon to direct sunlight, such as when they’re basking in the morning or after a meal. The ray from the sun will dry out the skin of your bearded dragon and evaporate the water droplets.

Have patience as your bearded dragon has finished basking before applying the spray. 

5. Take Out your Bearded Dragon from the habitat.

To choose a bearded dragon, here are the steps:

  • Slip your hand beneath the body of the bearded dragon, and try not to grab them from above.
  • Ensure you’re using both hands to support the body, as well as the leg and tail.
  • But don’t squeeze it!

6. Spray Your Bearded Dragon

Once you’ve removed your bearded dragon from the tank, look for a convenient location to mist the bearded dragons – somewhere simple to wipe or a place that you wouldn’t mind if it gets wet:

  • Choose a fine spray bottle and try to mist the bearded dragon’s head until droplets of the water appear.
  • Wait a little bit for your bearded dragon to taste the droplets.
  • Continue forcing the water until your bearded dragon refuses to drink.
  • If you’re having trouble opening a shed. Don’t tug on the trapped parts because you risk ripping away the brand-new skin that has formed on the dragon.

7. Reinsert It into Its Tank.

You may return your bearded dragon after you’ve observed it lick water droplets. Little misting sessions are best, or the beardie might get too chilly.

That’s everything you will need to know on how to mist a bearded dragon. You can search online for further information.

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